You can take the girl out of Texas…

…But you can’t take the Texas outa the girl! I was blessed enough to be able to go ‘home’ for Thanksgiving, and ‘home’ is Texas to me. Texas is where I grew up and spent most of my life, my family still live in Texas (with the exception of my momma and brother). Joe and I visited my dad in Baytown, (near Houston). In the days leading up to Thanksgiving Day (which we held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving), my husband and I, my father and step-mother, sister, and two nieces spent great quality time together. My days started with coffee and conversation with just me and daddy (special moments to always cherish, even when they are about mostly nothing). Then once my nieces, 9-year-old Chloe and 3-year-old Halie, woke up, the fixing my hair and playing began. My hair has never seen so many styles in one day! Halie is actually a really good hairdresser for 3, she’s just like her momma, I looked beautiful!! (haha and yes that is a “Cheetos tongue” my niece is sporting… she was kind of sick and would only eat Cheetos!!lol) Joe and I had a blast playing with my nieces, But let me just tell you… The ‘Hannah Montana’ bike that I rode around on for a while did not agree with my booty!!! haha! But totally worth it to be barefoot, hair beautifully fixed by my nieces, in my sweats, on a warm November Texas day, getting ate up by mosquitos… just being with my wonderful nieces. My oldest niece, Chloe, is a little mini-me to the core!! She and I love the same things, eat the same foods, like the likes, and even have the same attitudes (eekk!!)! To add a little evidence to this point… I have had a recent love of all things zebra and pink print! I actually just bought adorable zebra print heels with hot pink trim!!! ok ok… focus! I walked into my nieces newly remodeled room and feel in love… she (with the help of her mom) had decorated her bedroom in zebra prints with hot pink accents all over!! I want to be 9-years-old again and have that bedroom!! My sister is very crafty and creative so there were so many really cute details in the room, including zebra hat boxes with hot pink feathers as trim, adorable remodeled picture frames with feathers and zebra strips… I just loved it all!! She even looks just like me! When we went to dinner one night the waiter kept asking my husband and I what the girls wanted, was it ok if they had this… we laughed and just let him think they were our kids!
One of the nights, we all loaded into my dad’s truck and headed down to Galveston to see Moody Garden’s Festival of Lights. It was really beautiful to see all the pretty lights and having fun goofing off together!

Saturday rolled around pretty quick, the day that my whole family would be at my dad’s to celebrate Thanksgiving Day! In all, there were 39 people there, consisting of my grandma (Meme, as we call her), my aunts, uncles, and cousins. My dad was one of 8 children, and I am one of 17 grandchildren, and there are also 12 great-grand children (I think I counted right!). I love having a big family!! The day was filled with good eatin’, lots of laughs, and quality time together!
Our trip was way too short!! I love my family and am so blessed they are all in my life! My heart if always wishing to be with them on any given day. May God bless your family’s and your love for one another!


I’m not great at this…

I am not that wonderful at actually blogging. I have so many ideas and things that I do and think that I should blog about this, and never do. So I am going to be better at blogging more often, simply because I want to. So this is a more a introduction leading you into the next few post of a few wonderful moments in the past few month. I was able to see most of my family, meet my newest niece, christmas gifts I made as well as a few other projects I took on. So I hope you enjoy or at least are slightly encouraged.