A few of my favorite things…

The other day I was slightly disappointed because our house closing got delayed and I did not want to have a negative attitude and started thinking of the things I love in my life. So I decided to share a few of those things with everyone else.
So here are a few of my favorite things…

*The Bible: I can always find all the comfort, encouragement, knowledge, wisdom, and direction that I could ever need. It is filled with amazing stories and lives that have helped me get through my stories and life.

*My Husband: He loves me. He trusts me. He provides for me. He makes me laugh. He looks at me like I am the most beautiful, most amazing, only girl in the world, because to him, I am. He loves the Lord and I can always count on him.

*My Parents: They are both so strong and have spent the better part of their lives loving and caring for their children. Without them there is so much that I would not be and so much I would not have. I will forever be grateful for them.

*My Nieces and Nephews: I wish I could give all eight of them the world, I love them so much! My only non-favortie thing is that seven of them live so far away-nothing breaks my heart more!

*My Friends: Some of my favorite moments are spent talking though ideas, thoughts, and randomness with a sweet friend. I may only a select few, but those few mean so much to me. I can always count on a few laughs, tons of inspiration, and lots of comfort.

*Music: I love to sing. I am not really that good, or even somewhat good, but I love it and singing makes me happy. Music inspires me, lifts me up, reminds me of the things I love, and soothes me.

*Sweet Tea: I was raised in good ole Texas with plenty of sweet tea! Now that I live in Jersey, I either have to make my own sweet tea or go to McDonalds or Chikfila. When I have a glass, for one quick moment, I feel at home! Silly I know.

*My Iphone: I have all the information I could ever need at the tip of my fingertips. It is a life saver when I am bored or need to figure something out. I love my phone!

*My Apron: I love to cook and when I put my apron on I feel like a pro and am inspired and challenged to create something new and exciting. I also love when I take the apron off, right about the time that my husband takes the first bite and smiles. ahhhh…. satisfaction.

*My bed: It is not necessarily the most comfortable, it is old and pretty broken in, but its cozy and warm. I love snuggling up surrounded by fluffy covers and my squishy (my pillow that is super squishy, hence the name! lol).

*My jewelry box: I saw it and fell in love! So my wonderful hubby made me a happy wife and bought it for me! It makes accessorizing so easy and fun.

*HGTV: I cannot get enough of designs and home buying shows, they make my dreams much bigger! uh oh!

*Lists: I love making lists, I love organizing and things in order. I am a visual person and need to see my to do’s and other such things written down, it’s soothing to me.

*Blogs: I could spend all day looking at other’s blogs. There are some really creative and innovative individuals out there. I love to be challenged and inspired and blogs do that!

*Facebook: To me, facebook is a way to stay connected with my family and friends. I watch my little nieces grow, share laughs with new friends, and memories with some old ones. I ‘stalk’ all my friends to stay up to date with them in this crazy busy world. I can help encourage them, share in their happiness, and pray them through their trials.

These are just a few of my favorite things. I feel it is always important to remember even the little things that I am blessed with in life. What are you blessed with? Stop and think about it, I guarantee you’ll begin to smile! Enjoying smiling!