Well, I am a little late on this news. I have been a somewhat busy girl. Ok, I am only a little busy, I just do not use my time that wisely, but I am trying. I digress. In the end of May, my wonderful hubby and I became home owners!

We were your typical super excited young couple at our closing with our car full of boxes ready to move in and get to work!

I will spare you the million pictures of before and after for now, my plan is to feature specific rooms for individual posts so I can show you all the DIY projects I did for each room. I have had a lot of fun making this house our home! We are truly blessed with our home and so much more! The biggest piece to this recipe that I call life if God and what He does in my life, the good and bad. However, lately the good is all I can see! In the time since the last blog (middle of May and now its the middle of September… eeekkk) we had a visit from my mom in June. She came to see our house and spend some wonderful quality time together. My mother and I did most of favorite things: relaxed and talked on the Ocean City Beach, clam chowder at Smiths Clam Bar, NYC Central Park and Chinatown, and just had great time together!

Grand Central Station
Central Park
Central Park

Then as an extra added blessing, my husband and I got to make a trip to Boise to see my mom, brother and his family. We had not seen my niece since she was 6 months old in January. We spent our time shopping, laughing, talking, floating the Boise river,visiting some of the most beautiful parts of Idaho, going to the Boise State Fair with my nieces Brooke and Ava, sitting around the fire outside at night, and just enjoying being together. I am so blessed that I have such a wonderful family that I cherish with all that I have. The only drawback: the moment that I board the airplane to come home.

ShoShone Falls: Mom, Me, and Joe
ShoShone Falls: Mom and Me

Twin Falls

Under the waterfall

Twin Falls

Ice Cave

The girls presenting their play

My precious niece Lauren

Hubby found his redneck side

Mommy Ava with her baby Chickie, it apparently thought she was her mom. LOL
Apparently something the girls have always dreamed of doing
Brooke and Ava in their bedroom at Nana's

Since then we have been doing lots of new decorating to the house, courtesy of Hobby Lobby in Boise and a wonderful Mommy!! I do enjoy blogging, so I will try to post many more soon. The want to is not the problem, it really is the time. I guess the only drawback to a truly blessed life.