half the bath, but not half the design…

I have to say, I love my half bath probably more than I should love a bathroom lol! However, I just love the colors and would do my whole house in grey and yellow, but I guess I will stick to the brown family I have already put so much time and money into, plus I do love my browns. I figured the half bath downstairs where all my guest would probably visit would be the perfect spot to add a little more design for viewing pleasure (that sounds weird lol). My husband was very skeptical about having a dark small little bathroom, “are you sure it won’t look like a dungeon” “won’t it make it look tiny”, but like most things I do, he loves after he sees it finished! I can visualize exactly how I want something to look, he needs to see it, we compliment each other well 😉 So this is how the bathroom looked when we bought the house:

The first thing that came down was the ‘ugly-to-me’ wallpaper and border (Im sure that maroon stripes with flowers is pretty to some, but I have more contemporary style). The day that we closed on the house, I started stripping the wallpaper and border. I used Diff wallpaper spray and soaked the wallpaper after I scored it. It came off very easily. Than we painted the ceiling and walls grey (with a huge help from our friend Jake, we put the tallest guy in the smallest space to help, but he did awesome!). We painted the ceiling a lighter grey, and the walls a tad darker. We used Pittsburg Speed Hide paint and it covered great!

Then I wanted to begin adding the touches of yellow.I started with a very towels and white fluffy rug, then I found the most perfect yellow damask fabric at for a great deal! I was so happy with the fabric when it came in, it was more perfect than I even thought it would be! It set the tone for the bathroom. I decided to make a roman shade from the fabric and some cheap mini blinds after seeing this tutorial on Pinterest (which I am totally addicted to!!!). I made my roman shade just as she described, and it came out great! I was very pleased with how EASY it was! It was a great addition to contrast the dark grey!

This was a huge improvement to the maroon strips before, but it still needed something on the blank wall behind the throne…
So I bought a poster size cheap frame, one piece of scrapbooking paper, and one package of white sticker letters. I played with a few sayings, “You are my Sunshine” was on the top of the list till I found this one. So I measured and tried to make sure I kept everything straight and spaced out well. It was very meticulous work, but still pretty easy.

I sprayed adhesive to the back of the cardboard part of the frame and attached the yellow damask print, then trimmed up the sides with my rotary tool to make a straight line. I then attached each letter on the scrapbook paper and then attached the paper to the fabric and framed it. I added some sunflowers underneath, my favorite flower! I love easy projects that make a big difference.

All in all this is a small bathroom, with simple design, but lots of charm! A sophisticated little retreat indeed.