gDiapers giveaway!

So I am knee deep (ok lets me honest, I’m much deeper than that) with getting ready for my sweet Alexis to arrive!! I have lots of organizing and planning underway. One of those is finishing up all the necessities we will need to be equipped with for Alexis, one major thing that we still want is our cloth diapers: gDiapers. Not only are they super cute, and marked ever so appropriate with a g (for ‘Giordano’ I’m sure 😉 hehe), but they are wonderful and versatile! They are doing a giveaway and I sure would love to win!!! It would offset our baby needs cost by a bit!! gDiapers in partnership with  GuavaKids and See Kai Run wanted to know: “What is your biggest expectation about having a new baby that you hope IS true?” Well, for me I hope it is that I will instantly fall in love and have a love greater than anything I have ever known! I have not met a mom yet that doesn’t love her baby and would do anything for them!! My mom always told me how much she loved us and that it was like no love that she had ever experienced. She even had said she worried if she would have enough love for me, her second, as she did for my older brother, but as soon as she held me she instantly had enough and then some. I began to understand that you never run out of room in your heart, you heart just gets bigger and bigger!! I cannot wait until my sweet baby girl is here, but for now… I must get back to my ‘nesting’ and preparing!!