Vegetarian Protein

For the past few years my husband and I have been 90% vegetarians. Basically, we do not cook or eat meat at home and typically choose vegetarian options (ok him more than me)! When I tell most people this I normally get the response “then what do you eat?”. Well, I have to be a little more creative cooking at home since I also do not really like cheese (let me clarify: I HATE white cheese and will NOT eat it, yes I am prejudice against white cheese and I am not afraid to admit it!). So cooking without cheese and meat and still trying to make sure we get all the nutrients that we need is a little tricky and I have to get creative sometimes. I normally have to incorporate lots of veggies and starches with fish or some of our favorite ‘meats’, Morning Star soy-protien meats. I love cooking with all fresh ingredients to keep it healthier. My husband being a fitness specialist and ‘health enthusiast’ (I promised not to call him a health nut any more lol) encourages us to eat as health as possible. I came across this new recipe that is vegetarian and so delicious!! It was Pasta with Chickpea Garlic Sauce (click the link for the recipe). You blend the chickpeas with chicken broth, which sounds gross at first to be if I am being honest, but it was GREAT! It was packed with protein and had great flavors! This is being added as a staple for our household! Easy, quick, healthy, and cheap! Hope you enjoy!


Alexis at 2 months

Dear sweet Alexis…

Today you were two months old. The last two months have been incredibly exciting. This last month my favorite moments has been watching you smile. You first began to smile at daddy and I wanted to see it for myself so bad, a few days later you smiled at me. It stopped my heart and made me cry. You have the sweetest little smile and your whole face lights up. You are continuing to grow, you’re probably around 9 pounds or so and around 22 inches long now. You’ve progressed into newborn clothing and I love getting to dress you. It’s like having my own little baby doll! You seem to be okay more in your car rides these days. You still don’t enjoy when we go under 45 miles an hour or stop at stoplights, but you handle it better now.

It seems to be you can sleep through anything. You sleep during the day through mommy doing dishes and TV and vacuuming and all kinds of good loud stuff. You even can sleep during church worship, which is very loud. You are even sleeping mostly through the night in your bassinet now. You typically start getting sleepy around midnight and you finally dose off around 2 am. You sleep till around 9 am and nurse, but then you go right back to sleep till around noon or 1pm. I love watching you sleep. Your naps are still mostly taken in mommy’s arms or while we are out and about in your carseat.

You take your paci better now, but you have found your hands! You are always trying so hard to get that thumb in your mouth, but until then you are sucking your fist and knuckles. You can grab mommy and daddy’s fingers and guide them to your mouth also. Sometimes you even suck the roof of your mouth with your tongue, which is something mommy did too.

You are mommy’s little buddy while she run errands and shops. Shopping is not as productive because you do not like being in the stroller if it stops moving. You always love movement, whether it is being held in our arms, swinging in the swing, walking in the stroller, etc. We love showing you off to everyone. Mommy always tries to match all your stuff (your outfits, bows, and blankets). Your ‘signature’ outfit consists of animal prints and lots of baby pink! Everyone always comments on how beautiful you are, even strangers (mommy cannot go into a store, even Wawa, without someone stopping her to see you and comment!); I have to say I agree with them. You really are such a beautiful baby!

Some things we do with you or say to you are:

  • Daddy and I crack up at you all the time. The million crazy different faces you make are so entertaining!
  • When you have a big poopy, we say “Jesus take the wheel”. That came from your first few nights as home you almost did not know how to handle such craziness coming out of such a tiny baby!! LOL
  • Mommy sings “Nana’s song” a lot: “I love you, yes I do, I love my girlie, I do , I do , I do” and we follow that with tons of kisses!
  • Daddy sings to you all the time and you LOVE it. He has this special hold that can mostly calm you down from anything.
  • When you are hungry and daddy is holding you, you try to latch on to his biceps. It is pretty funny.
  • You love standing up with our support and you have great control of your head and neck.

You are such a wonderful little girl and each day is a new experience to learn something new about you and I love it! It is hard to believe that 2 months have already come, it feels like yesterday we had you; but it also feels like you have always been a part of our lives and we cannot even imagine life without you. You are loved by so many and you are truly a blessing to us all.

Happy two months my sweet baby girl.