Alexis, 4 months

My sweet baby girl,

You are now four months old, you keep growing and changing and dad and I don’t like it one bit!! Ok, honestly we love it, but we just aren’t ready for it, you are changing and growing up so wonderfully and we do love it! As I sit down to write this you are playing in your exersaucer like such a big girl! You love playing in it, you figured out very quickly how to turn yourself around to all the different toys. You also love playing with mommy and daddy, you watch our faces and get this biggest smile I have ever seen. It is not just a smile with your mouth, you smile so big, your eyes light up, your hands cover your mouth, and your whole body crunches in… it really is the cutest thing ever! You also love standing! You rarely ever want to just sit and do nothing, you are way to fidgety for that! You never stop moving, not even in your sleep really. You are sleeping pretty well these days, but you are still in the bassinet in mommy and daddy’s room. I am sure you are ready for your big baby bed, but the truth be told, mommy isn’t. You sleep great, but you sometimes cry out, without waking, and often you find the paci or your fingers, but sometimes mommy (and daddy when mommy has work) has to help you find your paci. I actually think if you were in your own bed in your own room you would probably sleep better, but what if you don’t, then mommy has to get out of bed to check on you. I will get stronger and let you move to your own bed this month though.

You are taking a little while these days to warm up to people. You normally do not mind if anyone else holds you, but you sure do give them a very concerned look and you study them so much, it is very cute. You are learning that so many people love you and I am sure soon you will learn to ham it up for them also. However, mommy and daddy are still your absolute favorite! You love being held by us and snuggling with us. You lay your sweet head on our shoulders and just love on us. You also love being held with your cheek pressed up to our cheeks. When you bashfully smile you crunch your little body in and turn towards however is holding you. When you are excited you smile really big and then stick your hand in your mouth, yes your whole hand, well you try at least, you mostly get just a few fingers or parts of your fist in. You actually put your hands in your mouth constantly; your fingers, knuckles, thumb, fist, etc… whatever you can get in your mouth you are happy with, you don’t discriminate against any part of your hand, or even someone else’s hands! You are typically very calm and sweet. The only times you fuss are when you are really tired or hungry. When you are tired mommy holds you close with a paci and rocks and/or bounces you for a few minutes and you pass right out (ok most of the time, sometimes you want to nurse to sleep more).

You eat wonderfully!! You LOVE nursing and it is one of mommy’s favorite things we do. I really enjoy knowing you are happy, content, being taking care of and you know when you nurse. Sometimes you take a little break and stop and stare and smile at mommy, you melt my little heart! One of daddy’s favorite times with you is when he plays, sings, makes up silly songs, and flies you around. Normally he is doing this while mommy speed races to get stuff done around the house!! You love time with your daddy… he is your favorite playmate for sure. You also love waking  up to him!! You always get the biggest smiles when he comes around. Sometimes he has to take you and play just to make you happy, and he has to do this away from mommy because you smell me/my milk and cry for it.

You can roll over from your belly to your back now! You don’t really preform well at night, but your prime time is normally after your breakfast (after 11:30am or so). You also inch your way around when we put you on your belly. You are very determined and quite successful!

Lexi-belle, you really are the highlight of our life and we could not imagine our lives with out you in it. We love you more than we can explain or even control, God has truly blessed us with you, and not just mommy and daddy, but all your family and friends.

Love you more than you know,