Alexis, 6 months

My dear sweet Alexis,

I cannot believe we’ve celebrated your half birthday! Ok we didn’t really celebrate much because you and I have been sick for most of this month. We already are best friends that share everything… one day we will share clothes and secrets and lots of laughs and tears, but for now we are mainly sharing every germ and cold we pick up. As soon as one gets better, the other is sick and vice versa. But by golly we are making it through. You are so amazing even when you are sick. You really don’t let it bother you for too long, you are mommy’s little trooper.

You have mastered sitting up! You sit by yourself, and as long as nothing distracts you, you can sit for a good little while by yourself. However, if something to either side of you looks more interesting, you just fall… you’ll figure that out soon I’m sure. You continue to flip from your belly to your back and you roll side to side all the time, mostly grabbing your cute little toes. You haven’t quite figured out how to move that bottom arm to flip from your back to your belly. You successfully can pick anything up, put it in your mouth, and now throw it and wait for someone to pick it up. That is actually your new thing, you drop something and stare at it till someone picks it up. You will do this for a very long time. It is actually pretty funny to watch you figure this cause and effect out. If you are in your exersaucer and you drop at toy off the side, you pull yourself up so you can see over to see the toy on the ground, then you look at me, then back at the toy as if you are saying “hey mommy, can you get my toy, again?’ You have a favorite playmate now, Keaton Stall. And boy oh boy does he love you too! When he sees you he immediately begins to run to you saying “baby leca”! He is so gentle and kind with you. He loves playing with you in the church nursery (yes mommy and daddy finally put you in the nursery at church, and you are so good for them). You do have a preference for people and things and it is so much fun to watch you play and stare at people and things. I would pay anything to know your thoughts.

Another new thing you like doing, and something mommy said she would never let you do, and the whole reason behind starting you on a pacifier, is sucking your thumb! You don’t do it all the time, and when you do it isn’t for very long, but by golly you look so adorable doing it!! I do not care at all as long as your happy (another thing I swore not to say, because it’s not always about your happiness, but alas it mostly is).

You are growing like a weed!! You are in the 90th percentile for your height, but only the 20th percentile for your weight. You have finally moved up to size 3-6 month clothing. It was very sad for mommy to pack up your 0-3 month clothes (and yes even some of your newborn clothes that you were still able to wear). You are too long in the legs and arms for most of the 0-3 month clothes, but the onesies mostly still fit. I love getting to put new outfits on you, but there are still a ton of new outfits that you are yet to fit in, but I fear you are not done growing (which makes me sad but its a harsh reality to face) so you will fit soon enough.

For some reason this month you have had monster diaper rash, don’t worry I will not talk about it in detail. One thing we have done to heal you is to let you “air out” for a while. You pretty much pee everywhere as soon as daddy walks in the room, so we change you a lot. One day mommy let you “air out” for over 30 minutes on your changing pad on the floor. You played without peeing for over 25 minutes, then you scooted down off the pad onto the carpet and immediately peed! I just started laughing because it seemed as if you moved down just to pee on the floor. And of course since you have had such icky rashes, I have put you mostly in disposable diapers instead of your cloth gdiapers. Those stinking disposables cannot contain your poo, I am not joking you, if you go poo in a disposable, you will most definitely get it all over your outfit! Thank goodness you only poo once every day/every other day!! (ok TMI time is over).

You started eating rice cereal. Ok, well we tried to eat it. You are just not ready. You push it out with your tongue. You still got most of it down, but you aren’t really excited about the whole solids thing. Plus it made you super constipated (sorry I said I was done with the TMI thing). We have also tried a sippy cup with water. You hate it. You act like we are trying to poison you. At least you don’t act like that when we give you Tylenol anymore!

You really are the happiest, easy-going, fun, interested, nosey, sweet, loving, fun little 1/2 year old!! Mommy and daddy love you so incredibly much and cannot imagine our lives without you! You are our sunshine!

I love you more than you know,



I'm including this one as a joke... you just look so huge in there now!
I’m including this one as a joke… you just look so huge in there now!

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