Alexis 9 months

Dear Sweet Lexi-Belle,

This month you have made so many new changes it is like you are new baby. You have started crawling!! You started getting on your knees and then sitting back up really well, you could almost move by almost rolling around by sitting and going to your knees. Then you just took off one day and started really moving. You still only crawled for a short distance and then would take a break, reevaluate your target (mommy, daddy, a toy…) and then go back after it. Well, that is if it isn’t too far away, then you would just stare at us and then cry for us to come get you. You have also started pulling up and standing while holding on to things. You are now standing and crawling around your crib, and I must say it is very funny to randomly look at the baby monitor and see you happy and quiet playing in your crib then going back to sleep. I cannot go into your room and get you in the mornings at the first peep you make, you need time to wake up and have a slow quiet moment and maybe even fall back to sleep for a few hours. You are just like your mommy on that one, I love sleep and need a little more than most I think. You are sleep so wonderfully now! Two months after “sleep training” and you are sleeping like a champ! You are such a crazy sleeper, you turn and move all over your bed all night long. You start with only one blanket that you snuggle with, then throughout the night you pull off two to three more blankets into your crib to snuggle and lay with all night. Your fuzzy soft blankets are your magic sleepy-time snuggle piece. You are so cute when you wake up. Daddy and I love watching you on the monitor as you wake up, sit up, stand up, pull and hit at your mobile, lay back down and fall back asleep. Then when you are finally ready to get out of bed you let us know by crying/talking differently. You always smile and cuddle us when we get you out of the bed. You are so sweet.

You are become much more vocal with your sounds and noises. You love blowing raspberries and making what we call “uncle mikey’s sound”. You “talk” a lot and if we can’t see your face it is hard to tell if you are happy talking or upset talking. People who do not know you can’t tell the difference, you are very funny like that.

You eat pureed foods really well and get very excited when we start to get it ready, then we can’t feed you fast enough. You also love drinking your juice (peach juice watered down mostly) from your bottle. You are a pro at holding and playing with your bottle with your hands and feet lol. You have also mastered fit throwing as well. You mostly only throw fits when we put your carseat or trying to keep you from turning while changing your diaper. You will sometimes try to start a fit if we take something you are playing with away from you. You are pretty smart, you know where to look for things we take away from you. You are very intuitive and so curious to everything around you. When you hear anything you have to figure out what it is. Daddy and I love watching you play and figure out new things on your own. You watch us and learn new things every day. You are truly amazing. Daddy and I cannot get enough of you, kissing you, hugging you, singing, and laughing with you. We are so completely in love with you and you give us so much love and happiness. You make life so amazing.

I love you more than you know,



Throwing a fit because she didn't want to stand
Throwing a fit because she didn’t want to stand


Sly little smile
Sly little smile