Alexis, 10 months

Dear Lexi-Belle,

Are you seriously in double digit months now!! I really cannot believe how much you have grown and advanced this month. You are a pro at crawling, you can crawl up and down one step, but have not ventured past that, thank God. You can crawl in and out of your ball pit, and really just about anywhere in the house. You are very funny about crawling on the hardwood floor. You keep your left knee on the floor and push off with your right leg to move. You basically half regular crawl and half bear crawl. You love to follow us where ever we go, and you do not go too far out of our sight, however, you are learning to explore more on your own. If mommy or daddy are sitting nearby you play independently wonderfully, but you do not being left alone in a room, even if we are only a short distance away. You are pulling up on anything that is half-way steady enough for you hold onto. You actually stood up without holding on to anything for about 5 seconds. You were standing and holding on to daddy playing with a piece of paper (one of your favorite things to play with until mommy takes it away because you have started to eat it lol) and you wanted both hands to rip the paper, so you let go of daddy and stood there shocked at yourself looking like “now what?”. It was a funny and sweet moment. You love crawling and chasing daddy when he crawls. You wrestle with daddy now too and you think its hilarious. Every night we play in your room (most of the time you are nakey because it is right after bath and almost bed clothes time). You love going to many toy spots and bringing toys to us to play with. There have been a few uh-ohs that end up being really funny despite the poop and pee on the floor (yes you actually pooped on the floor, but thanks to daddy’s speed you made it to the toilet before any damage was done lol). One time you peed on the floor, which in itself is not funny, but you lifted the bottom of your onesie up, peed, then put the onesie back down. We were cracking up that you did not want pee on your onesie.

You are now eating a ton of food. You have oatmeal with fruit in the morning after you nurse. Then you nurse after a nap, eat a snack (oatmeal, banana, fruit, Mum-mum*’s, etc.) then you nurse, eat dinner (a mix of vegetables mostly), then you nurse before bed. You still love nursing despite your love for food. You are not so sure about new textures though. I gave you a piece of steamed broccoli and you looked at me and the broccoli like I just gave you an alien. You have two new teeth just making an appearance on the top. These two teeth have given you many sleepless nights that mommy has had to come and comfort and take care of you.

You have started doing the most adorable thing lately. You ‘hug’ and ‘snuggle’ your stuffed animals, toys, mommy and daddy, really just about anything when we say “awwww” to you. You have to be careful though because you “awwww”ed your ducking the bathtub and got a face full of water.

Bath-time is your some of your happiest moments. You love splashing and playing in the bath. You are very silly in the water and you LOVE it!

Each new day is something different with you. You keep changing every minute and we swear you are growing literally every single night! There are few things that remain constant though, you love snuggling with mommy, playing with daddy, chewing on everything, people watcher, a deep thinker, and slow to warm up to others. You are truly a joy to everyone that knows and loves you. You are getting more and more beautiful and smart everyday.

I love you more than you know,


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