Alexis, 11 Months

My dear sweet Alexis,

I am not prepared for how much you are growing and changing! You are becoming more independent when you play. You do not always want mommy and daddy to play with you, but you want us near by while you play. You are beginning to take steps while pushing things around (you princess ride along, your pusher/walker toy, the kitchen chairs, etc…). You get very excited to take steps, but not quite ready to let go and walk on your own just yet. You are very cautious with new things and new people. You love going to Gabby and Jaci’s Volleyball games at Oakcrest High School. You love being with your family, especially your Aunt Brooke and Uncle Mikey. You have started spending two mornings a week with Mommom while mommy and daddy are at work. You love playing in the bathtub, going outside to play, and exploring all your fun toys. Mommy met some of our friends at the beach to play on a wonderful sunny day in September. You finally felt comfortable at the beach to explore on your own a little bit. You loved playing in the sand, digging in it, tasting it, and crawling through it. You were not afraid at all, so brave crawling toward the big wide ocean! You have become very social, you love to wave at all the people you see. Nana came to visit us to help mommy get ready for your first birthday party! Mommy is working very hard to throw an awesome Princess Party for such a precious Princess! You have started giving kisses to those you love. We visited your first pumpkin patch and took a hayride with the other mommies and buddies from Mops. You loved crawling through the hay and being outside. Every new thing is something to study and learn so much about. You are very curious and are constantly exploring and examining everything. You are so incredibly fun and sweet, and mommy and daddy love watching you grow and learn. We are looking forward to all the new and fun things you get to experience next.


(pictures to come soon)