The Cook behind this life…

I am a Christian wife and mommy that is slowly learning what God is trying to teach me in life. I am so blessed that I am loved by God, my wonderful husband Joe, my amazing daughter and son, my wonderful friends, and family. I LOVE cooking, trying new recipes and making a few of my own along the way. My biggest fan is my husband, and his encouragement keeps me cookin’. I am orginally from Texas and enjoy some good ole’ southern cooking and sweet tea, but my fitness specialist, health conscious husband encourages me to cook much healthier. I try to use as many fresh, organic, and all those other healthy products as I can in my recipes. I also love decorating our house and making our home fresh and new and full of love. I am a stay-at-home mommy, previously a criminal justice professor turned into a daily teacher of my sweet ever learning children. I am now just enjoying the life that God has blessed me with!! Hope you are able to take away from my blog something inciteful, something funny, something delicious, or somthing comforting.


One thought on “The Cook behind this life…

  1. Loving the blog girl and better yet I’m so happy that I get to try out these amazing recipes first hand! You are a natural chef and I love that I get to taste your creations!! 😉

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