Gunner Shane update

I just had to share, the shirts I made and described in the previous post look soooo much cuter with my nieces and nephew in them! Love these babies!



Gunner Shane is here!

As if 3 nephews and 5 nieces were not enough of a blessing, my stepsister Amber gave birth to my newest little nephew Gunner Shane. He was her biggest baby by 2 pounds! I have not had the pleasure of meeting the little man just yet, but I am already so excited! His big sisters, my two sweet nieces, Chloe and Halie, love him already. Apparently, they are fighting over him and I think a baby schedule is in the works! That cracks me up that my sister has work out a schedule for which girl gets to hold the sweet like guy! They are pretty awesome little gals!

Big Sis Halie and Gunner

Well, even in all my craziness these past few months I found the time to make a few little things for Gunner. I made a few onsies: two rocker dude ones (iron on appliqués from Joann’s Fabric, the letters that you can barely see are cut outs from letters I simply printed from online) …

a farmer John Deer one (a little John deer fabric, some extra green fabric sewn with overall snaps and tractor buttons)…

and of course a camo LIL’ BRO one (cut outs from letters printed online and ironed on with bond tape (forget what it is called))…and of course I made BIG SIS (both of them) shirts to match, but had to girl it up a bit…

I also made a few burp cloths but forgot to take pictures. Oh well, not much to see, just a burp cloth with fabric stitches on them 😉

I cannot wait to meet the little man! His Aunt Brandi already loves him and cannot wait to hold him close and kiss his sweet chubby cheeks. For now, I will just have to send my love through the wind (cheesy I know, but that’s the kind of aunt I am… I bought a star for one of nieces once so we could be under the same star and not feel so far away… I am awesome, I know lol).

Gunner Shane

half the bath, but not half the design…

I have to say, I love my half bath probably more than I should love a bathroom lol! However, I just love the colors and would do my whole house in grey and yellow, but I guess I will stick to the brown family I have already put so much time and money into, plus I do love my browns. I figured the half bath downstairs where all my guest would probably visit would be the perfect spot to add a little more design for viewing pleasure (that sounds weird lol). My husband was very skeptical about having a dark small little bathroom, “are you sure it won’t look like a dungeon” “won’t it make it look tiny”, but like most things I do, he loves after he sees it finished! I can visualize exactly how I want something to look, he needs to see it, we compliment each other well 😉 So this is how the bathroom looked when we bought the house:

The first thing that came down was the ‘ugly-to-me’ wallpaper and border (Im sure that maroon stripes with flowers is pretty to some, but I have more contemporary style). The day that we closed on the house, I started stripping the wallpaper and border. I used Diff wallpaper spray and soaked the wallpaper after I scored it. It came off very easily. Than we painted the ceiling and walls grey (with a huge help from our friend Jake, we put the tallest guy in the smallest space to help, but he did awesome!). We painted the ceiling a lighter grey, and the walls a tad darker. We used Pittsburg Speed Hide paint and it covered great!

Then I wanted to begin adding the touches of yellow.I started with a very towels and white fluffy rug, then I found the most perfect yellow damask fabric at for a great deal! I was so happy with the fabric when it came in, it was more perfect than I even thought it would be! It set the tone for the bathroom. I decided to make a roman shade from the fabric and some cheap mini blinds after seeing this tutorial on Pinterest (which I am totally addicted to!!!). I made my roman shade just as she described, and it came out great! I was very pleased with how EASY it was! It was a great addition to contrast the dark grey!

This was a huge improvement to the maroon strips before, but it still needed something on the blank wall behind the throne…
So I bought a poster size cheap frame, one piece of scrapbooking paper, and one package of white sticker letters. I played with a few sayings, “You are my Sunshine” was on the top of the list till I found this one. So I measured and tried to make sure I kept everything straight and spaced out well. It was very meticulous work, but still pretty easy.

I sprayed adhesive to the back of the cardboard part of the frame and attached the yellow damask print, then trimmed up the sides with my rotary tool to make a straight line. I then attached each letter on the scrapbook paper and then attached the paper to the fabric and framed it. I added some sunflowers underneath, my favorite flower! I love easy projects that make a big difference.

All in all this is a small bathroom, with simple design, but lots of charm! A sophisticated little retreat indeed.

Our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.

Our first year of marriage has been a first so many new things, including our first Christmas together as man and wife. We had a tree that was given to us by my mother-in-law. She found the tree on the side of the road, in the box, in perfect condition! YAY for free!! We started our decorating with putting the tree up together… then we realized that the lights we had were for the outside of the house, not the tree!

So we made a super quick trip to Ace Hardware at 7:45pm, they close at 8pm, just in time!! On our way home, we stopped at a friends house who had just baked over 75 dozen cookies!!! One of the cookies she made were ‘thin mints’, made from Ritz crackers and mint chocolate!
They were amazing!! I had make them as soon as we ran out. Alll in all this season, I made about 6 or 7 dozen of these easy, bakeless, delights! (Recipe: Melt 8 oz of chocolate, mix in 1 tbs of peppermint extract, and dip Ritz crackers fully into the chocolate, decorate with sprinkle!) So we left several hours later with bags of cookies and a great unexpected night together! Once we got home, we went into focus mode and got our tree looking pretty good! I really loved our Christmas decorations this year, so much so we did not take them down till January 20th!! LOL

Our 1st Christmas Tree

Our Christmas festivities started with the traditional Christmas Eve ‘Giordano’ Italian Feast. My husband’s father’s side gets together and lavishly eats tons of wonderful seafood (which I am allergic too, but we find me plenty to eat!). We then open presents always youngest to oldest. My nephew, Cole, is 3-years-old and such a joy to watch open gifts this year. He is a true child, he opens his favorite toy and it’s all over! He, in true kid fashion, opened clothes and then tossed them behind him to move to the next!! It was very funny! And I am not sure why, but I think at the coaching of my husband, everyone had to wear their bows on their heads!! Truly a blessing being with wonderful family!!

Cole opening gifts
Grandpop and the grandkids (minus Pete, Eryn & Cole, it was past bedtime)
Cole helping Grandpop
Joe and I with his parents, my wonderful in-laws ❤

On Christmas Day we started with our family of two’s Christmas… hubby got to open his first stocking! 🙂

Joe's first stocking
We had a wonderful breakfast with our best friends, the Dennis’. We ate Pumpkin Gingerbread French Toast with fresh cranberries (recipe coming soon)! The guys had salmon omelets with a variety of veggies (bell and habanero peppers, tomatoes, and onions). We exchanged gifts and enjoyed our time together. After our brunch was finished, it was off to the in-laws for Joe’s mom’s side’s Christmas dinner. We had all the wonderful traditional Christmas favorite foods and conversations. We all had a blast watching my nephew, 3 year old Cole, open all his presents. Two of my favorite gifts to give was to my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. I made them both patch-work table runners. It was hard work, but very rewarding! This Christmas I was truly blessed and loved and thank God for such a wonderful time of the year to celebrate Jesus!